Our Services

Maines and Stroman Cleaning Service offers a full range of cleaning services for commercial, residential, and institutional properties.
  • Office cleaning
  • Institutional cleaning for hospitals, schools, clinics, and correctional facilities
  • Cafeteria and kitchen cleaning
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Waste and compost removal services
  • Restock toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, and other supplies.
  • Empty trash containers and remove trash to the designated area.
  • Sweep or dust mop, and wet mop and sanitize ceramic and resilient floor surfaces.
  • Clean and sanitize sinks, counters, and restroom fixtures including toilet bowls, toilet seats, and urinals.
  • Clean and polish mirrors, glass and chrome.
  • accumulation of stains
  • Window Gleaning
  • Pre-Gleaning
  • Refrigerator Cleanouts

Our Process

Maines and Stroman Cleaning Service system of establishing and maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene has three steps.


Our team of cleaning professionals will visit your sites to determine the current state of cleanliness. Based on a ten-point checklist, they create a deep cleaning plan to establish a baseline for future maintenance. They also outline the daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance routine for the upcoming year.

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Deep Cleaning

The deep clean is the first step in establishing a routine of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance. It sets the stage for maintaining the sanitation of your buildings and properties over the long term. Depending on how your properties are used, we'll schedule additional deep cleans quarterly, biannually, or yearly.

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Your customized janitorial maintenance plan begins right away. Supervisors continuously monitor our cleaning teams to ensure the plan continues to meet your needs and modify the plan to accommodate changes to building demands and use.

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